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Medicare supplement specialist testimonials

Medicare Supplement Specialist Testimonials

Yvonne presents herself in print as she is in person. She will take the time to learn your needs and then shop through all the plans and pick a few that seem the best. She points out the differences and makes your choices very clear. There’s no pressure to decide at that very moment. You can mull it over in private. Yvonne will watch out for any changes in the plan and she’ll do all the paperwork for you at no charge.
Betty Dickman
Yvonne is truly a professional when it comes to the insurance business. She spent many hours researching and explaining the plans that would best fit our needs. Explanations were made in a clear way that left no doubt as to what we were paying for and receiving. We would definitely recommend Yvonne to others: in fact, we have!
Pam & John Stoney
Yvonne explained the different options and went out of her way to find a “Plan” that suited my needs. Her service was exceptional, she was patient and caring. I trusted her judgement.
Cecilia Denney
Yvonne has been the best insurance person I have ever dealt with. Her work ethics are superior and she has worked with my husband and I through the whole Medicare system. She watches out for us and sees that policies are changed when they need to be. I highly recommend her.
Barbara Metcalf
Choosing an insurance to fit my needs as a retired person on Medicare seemed like a time consuming and not so pleasant task. I chose Yvonne DeBrazil because I feel that she found the best insurance and the lowest cost for my needs. I highly recommend her for saving lots of time and money.
Dr. Max Holland. Ojai, CA
Though it’s only a few years that Yvonne has been my insurance agent, I feel so lucky to have her act on my behalf. She has proven sensitive to my needs and thoroughly explains any changes in Medicare and how the changes will affect me. Yvonne is always available to answer any questions or help in any way with insurance issues.
Olga Broiles
Ms. DeBrazil has been my agent for the past 3 years. She explained and presented my Medicare Supplement in the most simplest and clear manner that has ever been done before. Health insurance can be quite confusing and intimidating. Her response for any problems or questions about my policy has been above and beyond. I have highly recommended Yvonne’s services to many of my senior friends and family members.
Joe Ramirez
We have been clients of Ms. DeBrazil’s for several years. She has been nothing but caring, compassionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of Medicare. She is always available to answer your questions by the telephone, in person, or email. We were quite fortunate to have found her to be our insurance representative.
Ed & JoAnn Miculian
I could not ask for, nor hope to find someone so knowledgeable and helpful as Yvonne. She has guided me expertly for years, always to my benefit.
Anne Rydfors
Representation is top notch! Yvonne is knowledgeable, efficient and personable. Best of all, she searches for answers and returns calls promptly. We are pleased to recommend her services.
Phil & Marion Beautrow
Not only is Yvonne pleasant to work with, she has a real skill in simplifying the details of various medical plans and selecting the one that will serve you the best.
June Rios & Nita Longanecker (sisters)
Yvonne is a lot like the insurance agent my parents had.
Mrs. Nancy Fuhrmann, San Clemente, California
I highly recommend Yvonne DeBrazil to anyone going onto Medicare. She was very organized and her presentation was easy to understand. She took the stress and anxiety out of understanding Medicare and the Medicare insurance process. If I have any problems or questions about Medicare or insurance, I don’t hesitate to call her.
Marlene in Santa Barbara
Dear Yvonne, It’s a pleasure to be able to say how much your experience, knowledge and accessibility have meant as I have navigated into the Medicare and Supplemental Insurance waters. It’s hard enough to face the fact that “these years” have arrived, yet you have continued to make it understandable and have been a true beacon along the way! Your gentle advice is greatly appreciated and I do thank you.
Lynne Tahmisian
From the confusion of Medicare and Medigap choices there arises a champion: Yvonne DeBrazil. Yvonne is caring and understanding about one’s health and financial resources. She monitors your policy, the claims, the payments or non-payments and is totally available to assist with the health bureaucracies. I am proud to be her client and recommend Yvonne to all my 65+ friends.
Janice Chelini
I remember the morning Yvonne called. She was nice, and not pushy at all, she explained things in a clear and simple way.The first year of the policy I had some very large medical bills and I was delighted with the policy I chose. Since that time she has encouraged me to call her whenever I have a question. So when a problem arose with clinic billing, I called Yvonne. She helped me to see that I had been over-billed, and then she assisted me in getting the error fixed, and the bill was reduced by several hundred dollars.

Marge Betancourt
Dear Yvonne, We were so thrilled when our friend Anne referred you to us. We desperately needed guidance in navigating the Medicare and Secondary coverage mess. You have been so helpful in not only getting us the most beneficial program for our secondary insurance but also getting us to understand it! Knowing that we can call you at any time to get answers to our questions and having your help in solving any problems is more relief that we can express. Thank you so much for being there for us.
Corrinn and Eric Bates

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