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The Medicare Effect Longevity with Joy

The Medicare Effect Longevity with Joy

By Yvonne De Brazil in Medicare/Senior News
Longevity with Joy

Much of what we hear in the news is about how to care for our aging elders, but that isn’t what I see in my business, which is exclusively comprised of older Americans on Medicare. What I see most of the time is older adults living VERY productive lives well into an advanced age.

Frankly, I wish I could keep up with some of them. For example, my 78 year old “house mother” at a the university. She’s off playing cards with her friends at the harbor, and she keep that big sonority running with all those 20 year old’s running in and out all day long. Then she’s off to Los Angeles visiting friends. Or my 82 year old client who works on the computers at the hospital. My 70 year old CPA- client out-works and out-thinks anyone I’ve ever seen, and my 65 year old hydro-geophysicist is back and force to Europe all the time, and the two sisters in theirs 80’s who are off to church functions, trips to Florida to see family, 2 days trips just for fun, yard sales to sell her amazing paintings … these people sure aren’t sitting around watching T.V. Their productive lives are a true inspiration to me.

And, although they do slow down in their late 80s, I continue to see them exhibiting joy and energy, albeit a little slower. It is my sincere belief that the accessibly and affordability of excellent health care, made possible by Medicare, is the reason we are seeing such a tremendous leap in longevity. Medicare has helped make possible livingwell even though, technically, one is in their advanced years.

Yvonne is a lot like the insurance agent my parents had.
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